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Apple's iPhone 15 Breaks Tradition: Embracing USB-C Charging

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

"The new USB-C connector lets you charge your Mac or iPad with the same cable you use to charge iPhone 15. You can even use iPhone 15 to charge Apple Watch or AirPods Bye-bye, cable clutter." - Apple's new iPhone 15 series

The iPhone 15 finally has a USB-C port. Image: Apple

Hey there tech enthusiast! Apple's pulled a rabbit out of their hat with the latest iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, and guess what? They've finally boarded the USB-C train! 🚂 No more fishing around for that one Lightning cable amidst a sea of USB-C ones. We've been daydreaming about this for ages and it's here!

Why the switch now? Here’s some tea ☕. Europe whispered (well, more like legislated) into Apple’s ear, urging them to adopt the USB-C standard by the end of 2024. Apple, not one to drag its feet, heard the call and delivered!

The iPhone 15 finally has a USB-C port. Image: Apple

Why is Everyone Hyped About USB-C?

One word: Convenience. It's like having a universal remote for all your devices. From your MacBook to your iPad, and even that Android device your friend swears by (yes, Android folks, we see you and love you too 😉) - one cable rules them all! Bernie Thompson of Plugable Technologies put it perfectly:

The world is standardizing on a single connector... that can power devices at their fastest rate safely.

Plus, let’s not forget the environment. Fewer cable types = less electronic junk. Apple even tips its hat to this thought by gifting us with a chic, color-coordinated braided USB-C cable in the iPhone 15 box. 🌱

But wait, here's where it gets juicier for you. If you've just invested in the iPhone 15 series, why not pair it with the PERFEKT 20W USB-C portable charger? Tailor-made for this latest iPhone series, it's not just any charger, but one that offers flawless compatibility and rapid charging for just NTD$199 or USD$6.17.

PERFEKT 20W USB-C Charger, perfect match for the latest iPhone 15 series

And speaking of environment and reduced electronic waste, Apple gives

a nod with their chic, color-coordinated braided USB-C cable included in the iPhone 15 box. 🌱 But, why stop there? Elevate your charging game with PERFEKT's premium nylon braided USB-C 3.2 to USB-C 3.2 cable. Not only is it capable of delivering power up to a whopping 100W, but it also ensures swift transfers for your large files at 10Gbps speed. Get this tech marvel for just NTD$450 or USD$16.12. It's the cable you didn't know you needed until now!

Faster Charging, But…

Apple's move to USB-C is commendable, but there's a slight pause. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus max out at 20 watts. Yet, the iPhone 15 Pro ups the ante with its impressive data transfer speeds. Videographers, vloggers, or anyone moving those cinematic 4K videos will find transfers swift and efficient.

Dreaming of experiencing your iPhone visuals on a bigger canvas? USB-C makes it seamless to connect to external displays. Want to ensure that experience is fluid? Make sure you're equipped with PERFEKT's USB-C 3.2 cable for that uninterrupted, high-speed connection.

PERFEKT USB-C 3.2 to USB-C 3.2 (1m - 3m) Cable, the only cable you needed for your latest devices

Is USB-C the Real MVP?

It sure looks like it! But remember the lint tales of pockets past? USB-C might just be the new lint collector. Lightning had its charm, but against the might of high-speed data transfer and universal compatibility, USB-C shines brighter.

Embracing change is pivotal. So, as we bid adieu to the Lightning era, let's usher in the USB-C epoch, arm-in-arm with the iPhone 15 series and its best companion: PERFEKT's USB-C accessories. Get ready, the future is looking electric! 🍎🔌📱💡.

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